About Us

Taher Tag-eldeen
The Egyptian Engineering Investments Group is one of the leading and specialized companies in the field of electric power generation from the internal combustion engines, solar energy, wind energy and its different applications, and carries out all electromechanical works, design and execution of the electric switchboards, automatic switchboards, connection boards to the main grid. In addition the group performs all works of maintenance and overhauls of the electric generators and supplies the respective spare parts through distinguished technical staff who cover Egypt and the Arab countries.

The Egyptian Engineering Investment Group was established in 1993 until it became one of the leading companies in the electromechanical field and specialized works in the field of Power generation to meet the developments of the economy of Egypt at the highest quality and affordable prices.

Within the policy of expansion of the group activities, new branches were opened in the Arab countries such as the branch of the group in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The group implemented several projects that made brilliant success that was praised by officials in the Arab Republic of Egypt and many Arab countries such as the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (named El-Aman).

The group established decisive policies through which the group can provide the best services while maintaining the level of quality through the continuous development and capability of meeting the market needs through professional work grounds that comprise the organizational structure of the group and that can achieve and fulfill these needs through the group activity that includes:

  • Execution of electromechanical projects.
  • Commercial agencies of international companies in the field of electricity generators, diesel engines, pumps, compressors, meters, industrial supplies.
  • Supply and installation of the automatic transfer boards of boards, and the operation systems in parallel as well as the main switchboards.
  • All mechanical works including the installation, operation, maintenance and overhauls.
  • Establishment, installation and maintenance of the generator and compressor rooms.
  • Installation and supply of fuel systems like the monthly and daily tanks and the fuel transfer pumps.
  • Design and install of renewable energy systems and solar and wind energy systems.
  • Supply and installation of solar water heaters and voltage stabilizers and UPS and Home inverters and solar inverters.

The Group is keen on providing distinguished services in accordance with its policies that include:

  • Execution of market research and identification of job opportunities.
  • Fostering the achievement of customers requirements and expectations and interest in satisfying them.
  • Continuous development of the quality of services provided since they are the only means for maintaining the position of the group and increasing its turnover.
  • Coordination and opening new channels of communication with the different entities to help achieve the principles and policy of the group.
  • To support our presence in the Middle East and Africa and to contribute to the transfer of our experiences abroad.